Three Places

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

I lived in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico for two years, on a service and proselyting mission. The city was just starting to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel full of murder and corruptin, being the murder capital of the world. Although the place itself is a dump, the people are amazing. It will forever serve as the most signficant time and place of my life.

picture of Juarez
This image was taken over looking Ciudad Juarez from a safe location in El Paso, Texas.

Laie, Oahu, Hawaii

Now I live on Oahu. My first time being on the island was in 2014, when I started college. It has been a year full of learning and adventure. I have made some of the best friends I have ever had shared some of the best experiences with them. I have come to know myself even better during the time spent here, shaping my future, which is why Laie has become one of my favorite places.

picture of Laie Point
This image was taken my Joe Kim on the famous deck at my prior residence: the Goat House.

Big Island, Hawaii

In April of 2015, I travelled to the Big Island of Hawaii with my roommates. For a week straight, with no responsibilties whatsoever, we explored the island. We drove around, from Hilo to Kona, from the green sand beaches on the southern point to the beatiful valley of Waipiu. During the adventure, I became more aware of the beauty of this world, and all the God has made for us to enjoy. I realized then that I should not take it for granted. The Big Island has a special place in my many memories.

picture of Hawaii
This image was taken by a friendly traveler that I met on the Big Island- of my roommates and I jumping off the southernes tip of Hawaii.

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